Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Innisbrook - Copperhead Classic - U. S. Kids Golfing

The weekend of January 17 and 18th was a U.S. Kids Golf regional. This was AA's first time at this one. She did very well on the first day, tying for second place. The second day, she landed in five bunkers and double bogey'ed a few holes. Towards the end, she composed herself and ended with a birdie on Hole #9. She placed third overall. 
I was not there as I was recovering from a month long cold (I finally went to the doctor on the 14th and now have antibiotics). I had a bad cough for weeks, went to work, then three days at the Children's Home (interviews and retreat), so I think I overdid everything I probably was not supposed to! While I was home recovering, Carolyn came over and packed away all my Christmas tree/decorations. We got a lot done in between my resting.

Back to AA - We are glad for a third place, as it keeps her in the U.S. Kids top status for one more year!

Caddie Maria with AA.
First day with Bryn:
Second day - finishing third place (Bryn tied for first and lost in tie breaker; so placed second).
Happy girls:
Official photos, trophy and golf towel:
AA had fun as they went to dinner Friday night with the entire Sorge family (Johnny's Italian), then on Saturday afternoon, went cart racing and putt-putt golf. With walkie-talkies between the two hotels (Hampton Inn and Holiday Express Clearwater), they were in constant contact! Fun for them!