Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family Social and Luncheon - Nicole and Jordan's

When Nicole asked us to a family social today (Saturday, 01/24/15), we were thrilled to see all the family again and to celebrate some of the guys birthdays - Jordan (end of January), and Jesse and Werner in February. With the grown kids all together and all the Grands, I tried to get several photos of the "kids" and the "grands". The "older little girls" (Livi, Kilee and AA): 

(taken in the master bedroom bathroom, sitting on sink/counter top)
Fun in the sun for AA, Livi and Carolyn - the sun was in their eyes:
Singing Happy Birthday!
Dylan blowing out the candles:
Mila - Poppy Ford had the girls stick out their tongues, this was the only good one! :)
The grown-up kids: Justin, Leaa, Christa and Nicole - Sisters and brother:
Adding AA to the siblings - she's the youngest, but is the same generation as our grown kids:
Carolyn and Cathy chatting:
The Grands and AA - so many to choose from; not sure which is the best.....

Old style with rounded corners:
Baby Avery - almost four months old:
We had a lovely time, and now, tonight, Leaa took all the girls for a sleepover! She's brave, but am sure the girls will all enjoy having an evening together! Thank you Leaa & Jesse!

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