Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One More Photo of the Little Ones

Maybe two more... Love these girls!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family Social and Luncheon - Nicole and Jordan's

When Nicole asked us to a family social today (Saturday, 01/24/15), we were thrilled to see all the family again and to celebrate some of the guys birthdays - Jordan (end of January), and Jesse and Werner in February. With the grown kids all together and all the Grands, I tried to get several photos of the "kids" and the "grands". The "older little girls" (Livi, Kilee and AA): 

(taken in the master bedroom bathroom, sitting on sink/counter top)
Fun in the sun for AA, Livi and Carolyn - the sun was in their eyes:
Singing Happy Birthday!
Dylan blowing out the candles:
Mila - Poppy Ford had the girls stick out their tongues, this was the only good one! :)
The grown-up kids: Justin, Leaa, Christa and Nicole - Sisters and brother:
Adding AA to the siblings - she's the youngest, but is the same generation as our grown kids:
Carolyn and Cathy chatting:
The Grands and AA - so many to choose from; not sure which is the best.....

Old style with rounded corners:
Baby Avery - almost four months old:
We had a lovely time, and now, tonight, Leaa took all the girls for a sleepover! She's brave, but am sure the girls will all enjoy having an evening together! Thank you Leaa & Jesse!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Innisbrook - Copperhead Classic - U. S. Kids Golfing

The weekend of January 17 and 18th was a U.S. Kids Golf regional. This was AA's first time at this one. She did very well on the first day, tying for second place. The second day, she landed in five bunkers and double bogey'ed a few holes. Towards the end, she composed herself and ended with a birdie on Hole #9. She placed third overall. 
I was not there as I was recovering from a month long cold (I finally went to the doctor on the 14th and now have antibiotics). I had a bad cough for weeks, went to work, then three days at the Children's Home (interviews and retreat), so I think I overdid everything I probably was not supposed to! While I was home recovering, Carolyn came over and packed away all my Christmas tree/decorations. We got a lot done in between my resting.

Back to AA - We are glad for a third place, as it keeps her in the U.S. Kids top status for one more year!

Caddie Maria with AA.
First day with Bryn:
Second day - finishing third place (Bryn tied for first and lost in tie breaker; so placed second).
Happy girls:
Official photos, trophy and golf towel:
AA had fun as they went to dinner Friday night with the entire Sorge family (Johnny's Italian), then on Saturday afternoon, went cart racing and putt-putt golf. With walkie-talkies between the two hotels (Hampton Inn and Holiday Express Clearwater), they were in constant contact! Fun for them!

Friday, January 16, 2015

School Christmas Break - Reading

AA has read several books over her school break, the two longest were Heidi (from Nana Ann's collection) and Nancy Drew. Since. Will go to the library and check out book 2 of the ND series, as she said she liked it!
So, I put it out on Facebook that she liked the books and the Masson family offered to mail us Kerri's 18 Nancy Drew books for AA! All the way from Canada! Here's their blog is you wish to catch up with Kerri - Life with Kerri.

Fast forward.....AA is now reading ND Book #5 (week of January 18th).
Here's Kerri's books she sent to us!
 And I know a certain Grand who will read these after AA. 
We will pass these forward.

Monday, January 12, 2015

U.S. Kids Orlando - First Tounament of the Spring 2015 Tour - Harmony

Since there will not be a U.S. Kids Local Spring 2015 Tour in NE Florida/Jacksonville, we are taking AA to the Orlando Tour. It will be seven tournaments in the Orlando area. 
We have been to this course before, it is pretty good for AA. She had a few rough holes but rallied to pull out a second place finish. We forgot our good camera and my iPhone was dead; so only two photos from Ford's phone and one from the Orlando Facebook page

We are happy with her finish, Orlando is very competitive for girls, and this is eight and nine year olds. From our Facebook page:
AA won second place with a 43! (She's on the left). Good job for first time in the Orlando US Kids 8-9 year group and she's the youngest! Still need to work on those 4 putts that came within inches and two that circled the cup!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Horse Riding Lesson - January 2015 is Here!

AA had her second lesson (January 5th) at Diamond D Ranch with K'Leigh (first actual lesson was in October 2014).

She was all smiles as usual! I enjoyed hanging at the picnic table and writing some of my "thank you" notes.
They had a new calf, so AA showed a little love to it.
I know AA is waiting for me to schedule her next lesson!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

January 2015 - Golf Practice Dates

AA golfed with Georgia friend, Bryn at Jekyll Island (January 1st) and then had a lesson and practice 9 holes at Innisbrook - Palm Harbor (January 3rd).

 Lesson at Innisbrook with Coach Jason and Caddie Maria:
Next is the Copperhead Classic at Innisbrook - January 17/18th (with a practice round on the 16th with Bryn).