Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last of December 2014

Christmas picture from Marsha's camera - Cara with Dylan and Mila:

Photo from Maine: three Caton sisters - Patti, Ann and Jean.
We moved into our new carriage home (our "retirement" home); had a new roof negotiated into the deal:
Parents Night Out (PNO) at Orange Park UMC - with the Johnson Family:
Official "opening" of the Cruce backyard tree house - very large, special - impressive!
My Mom visiting great-grandson Anthony; Nana Ann took her Christmas Bear all over the State during her visits; more fun than an Elf on the Shelf (because we didn't have to do anything - just get daily fun photos!).
Nephew Andrew with Britney - she's due in February!
Our new favorite wine glasses:
We received two boxes of Christmas gifts, one from my sister Terri and George (Aunt-T) and a box from sister Melissa (Aunti-M). Thank you!
Aunti-M sent AA her small hope chest from her senior high school year. Very cool and lots of special items inside:
Wine from sister Melissa and new wine glasses from Nicole and Jordan! Love them all!
Tried doing a ribbon craft, should look like a Christmas tree - Not! too hard for little kids. try something different in 2015!
AA went to put on her size 12 golf shoes and they are totally work out! No "cleats" on the sole, worn smooth. Here's her new ones - next size up!
 Sleepover - Girls had fun playing with AA's Wii games.
Finally to 2015! I will get caught up, I will get caught up! (today is January 17, 2015!).