Friday, December 05, 2014

Catching up on the Family News - Thanksgiving

I am very behind posting news on our family blog; we bought a little "retirement" home and have been trying to move out of our condo since the second week in December. With AA having a cough for three weeks, then Daddy Caddy catching it and now I have it (I am typing this on January 1, 2015!!), will not be able to catch up on all the news right now - will post a few photos to get us beyond Thanksgiving!
We made our sides and rolls, for the dinner hosted by Nicole and Jordan, but due to AA's coughing, we decided to stay home and not infect their family and new baby Avery!

I received my 25 year anniversary certificate for being a member of the Mayflower Society - I joined after my Dad became a member; our family was big into genealogy research. Now, my Mom has joined from her lineage!
 We decided to bake pies and a turkey over the weekend, since we missed the big Thursday dinner. Carolyn came and as always entertained AA (AA loves her Aunt!).
 Playing Bop together, really fun game:
 Yummy dinner, just the four of us!
The following weekend, cousin Kim from Maine came for a visit while driving around the country with girlfriend; they went from Maine to California and back the southern route to include Florida. We had a drink together at the River House.
I am packing up the condo and occasionally wear these bracelets made by Grandmother E-E; they are from her button collection and crocheted with a silver elastic string.
We tried a new craft; using different lengths of ribbon, create a Christmas Tree with longer ribbon pieces at the bottom and getting shorter near the top. We all failed (Livi, AA and myself)! I tried to make it look like the instructional photo, not good!
We had Livi and Dylan overnight, breakfast was good. Poppy/Daddy/Ford somehow got Dylan to eat a "Glorious Morning Muffin". Then we went out to buy our Christmas tree in matching T-Shirts.
Taking the girls home was quite the fun!
We set up the tree in our new home (closed on it 12/5/14). We may not be all moved in, but will spend Christmas in the new home!
Evening walking around the Club, the moon was perfect - this photo taken with our iPhone - not bad!
Will catch up on December news soon!

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