Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wonders of Golfing with Alyzabeth

She's standing on the green watching a playing partner line up a putt and suddenly the emotion of what I'm witnessing strikes me. Her playing partners range in age from 50 plus to 80 past and AA was fitting in comfortably. She's 8.

Time was we would linger back of a group playing the holes in front of us, careful to find our spot respectfully back of and in front of others on the course. While we would hope to play through a threesome or double, we never push it. By patiently letting Alyzabeth's swing showcase the unspoken request, we often are graciously waved through. Now, she's more often to be asked to play up.

Standing there watching I couldn't help marveling at each golfer. Three of the players consistently compete for the Club Championship, the fourth, also the elder of the foursome, is a member of the Massachusetts Golf Hall of Fame. And our daughter was playing with them. Waved up at the third hole and invited to play. Never mind they would be a group of five. 

She displayed etiquette, waited for her time to hit and putt. Never standing in another's line. Marked her ball. Quietly picking up a flag waiting for the last putt to drop. Each golfer complementing the others great drive, awesome chip and twisting birdie putt!

In the end, she would instinctively walk up to each and shake their hands, thanking them for a nice round. And what a round it was. Maybe, just maybe, I was stealing a glimpse of what lay ahead for our daughter. A day when she too might wave a young golfer forward to join the group. To tell stories of courses played. Shots made and shots missed. New friends. Respect extended. A love of the game passed to a new generation.

Thank you gentlemen. Thank you...


Don and Be said...

Some fine words there, Ford. Wonderful kid!

3 Peanuts said...

That is awesome. You must be very proud of her not just for her talent but for her maturity and grace.