Monday, November 03, 2014

The Missouri Funeral Trip

We arrived in Missouri (Cape Giradeau and Advance) on Halloween afternoon, visited with Nana Joy and then went with Livi and Dylan to the Cape Mall for Trick or Treating.
Aunt Joan provided a candy bag and AA loved being Ginny Weasley.

Bill Morgan Sr. Dad's funeral was Monday. Bill Jr had a special vault cover made to honor his Dad's service in WWII. No one had their cameras with them during the funeral, but did get a few on their iPhones.
Playing Train Dominoes at Joy's home:
At the family luncheon after the funeral, talking about Cousin Butch's run for a public office - County Sheriff (he lost, but maybe will try again).
 Ford with nephew Travis:
Picture taking by Candy:

Leaa and Jesse with Nana Joy (the kids stayed at their Aunt Linda's home):
The cemetery:
AA and her Daddy, talking about the family that has passed.......
Much family love was all around us; many thanks to Bill and Joan who shared their home during this sad time; very much appreciated.

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