Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday 11/16/2014 - Lemon Sugar Cookies

Sunday was a restful day; we decided to keep AA quiet as she has had a chest cough for a few days. She played in yesterday's golf tournament as she seemed fine, but the coughing isn't any better. We stayed close to the condo and walked over to our new carriage home twice to watch the progress of the repairs. Yes, we are moving about 1000 feet from where we live now. This will keep AA in her same elementary school until we decide what high school she will attend (depends if she keeps golfing). Our new little home is quaint and has a charming screen porch, a sun-room and a lovely yard. There is much work to do to it, but all in good time!

Today, we decided to do some cooking: we made sausage balls, meatballs and baked cookies. AA wanted sugar cookies and we (the adults) wanted something a step up in flavor, so found Martha Stewart's lemon sugar cookies (and I had lemons in the house). I added some lemon extract along with the fresh lemon juice and the lemon zest. They were delicious! One problem with the directions is that one uses a 2 inch ice cream scoop - which made gigantic cookies (6 inch rounds). A normal teaspoon drop produced 3 inch diameter cookies (much better). They will be made again!

Most sugar cookies are chilled and rolled; these are dropped, then flattened (I used the floured bottom of a measuring cup).
AA added some Christmas colored sugar:
The HUGE cookies were cut like a small pizza. We did leave a few large ones and wrapped up a few for AA's teacher.
Comparing the normal (teaspoon size) with the ice cream scoop ones. They were crisp around the edges with some slight chewiness inside. Yummy!
A sneak peek at our new home - it was a "carriage" house on the old estate.
The back yard has a very nice solid block/stucco wall for a fence:
Fountain in the center of our circle drive (cul-de-sac) has a small garden/park:
Our closing could be in as soon as two weeks! Now to get packing!

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Catherine said...

Mmmm! Those cookies look delicious! Congrats on you upcoming move. Your new home looks beautiful!