Friday, November 14, 2014

Golf Lesson (11/13/14) and More!

We had a great week with the Veteran's Holiday off from work and school; and also Ford's Birthday. Since last years birthday was a huge party in Key West, this was a quiet celebration at home: a few gifts from AA and a red velvet cupcake (and candle!). Next up is AA's PNO at OPUMC (tonight, Friday) and then a tournament at Deercreek (Saturday)!
AA had her fourth lesson with Coach Jason (his brother John, drove up with him this trip); they played nine holes at the St. Johns Golf Club (Elkton). AA seems to really like her new coach!

She measures her distance for the next shot:
New putter:
Great shot AA!
From Facebook: Her coach Jason said amazing! And:
Jason Voigts "I'm not sure who enjoys it more her or me. I have to say my favorite part of our playing lesson yesterday was when she hit the ball on the green on #1. I gave her the putter & she said "Goodbye". I know more now about the Northeast Native Americans, because I asked her what she learned in school yesterday. She is so sweet." And: "What an incredible swing by this remarkable 8yr old. I had a great time with Miss AA & I'm glad she taught me exactly where each club belongs in her bag. Student teaches coach.

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