Wednesday, November 05, 2014

From Rhett - Missouri Trip - Part 2

Cousin Rhett is carrying on the family writings...he's the journalist in the family and helps us see from another perspective.

Time marches on

This pretty much summed up my weekend: The same day I shared my mother’s birthday cake, I helped carry my uncle’s casket.
But the occasions were memorable.
I saw people and relatives I hadn’t seen in decades. I caught up with a town and a people that embraced and molded me.
The hugs were warm and the handshakes sincere. I reminisced until my mouth went dry.
My time off also opened my eyes.
I saw saints this weekend.
They endure unimaginable heartache and carrying unspeakable burdens. They are flesh-and-blood reminders that compassion walks and lives among us.
They sacrifice more than any person should have to. And they do it out of love.
God bless them all.

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