Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend! Church, House-Hunting, Golfing, Brunch - All Fun!

We continue to look occasionally for homes in the St. Augustine area; we hope to be able to decide by end of school year (isn't that when everyone moves?). We enjoyed a leisurely drive and a stop at the park to stretch our legs and a quick drink at one of the great waterfront bars in St. Augustine, The Conch House. We found a house lot just 7 house lots from the Conch House. It also dawned on us that there is a marina, so we could keep our boat there too.

We rarely go to brunch at the Club so when the offered October specials were some of our favorites, we decided to go and use our mandatory monthly food bill there. I had one of the specials, a seafood pot pie which was delicious! Hubby had another special, the prime rib and AA had the free children's choice, but ate off our plates as usual, along with a cup of Wisconsin Cheese soup! The free flowing mimosas and the river views made for a luxurious mid-day meal.
Ice cream for AA's dessert, we were too full! We stopped by the fish ponds to see how they and the turtles were doing.
A great weekend, lots of house chores done, Hubby made homemade pimento cheese with our home-grown pimento peppers, AA is still practicing riding her big bicycle, and most of AA's thank you notes written, all mixed together with some fun!

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Vivian M said...

Oh I love St. Augustine! We always stop there on the way to visit my Dad. They have the best outlet malls! (Not to mention the beach, and scenic tourist attractions).Will have to try that restaurant next time we go. :)
Happy house hunting!