Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saturday - Sunday October 25 - 26th

We entered AA into the NFJG Tournament at the King and Bear, World Golf Village, for a two day tournament. Originally, we were told that she would also be able to play in Sunday's U.S. Kids Tournament (Queen's Harbor), but unfortunately, the tee times were changed to much later such that we would not be able to play, so withdrew. 
Playing in the NFJG is very challenging, the foundation girls play from the ladies tees, so this course was 2700 yards; very long, almost double what AA usually plays (1300 - 1600). It is a great experience and we had three other families that were very enjoyable to hang out with for the two days.

Day 1 - We did have some waiting, but the weather was great, very nice! (we call low 80's very nice!). I walked both days which allowed me to log in over 12,000 steps each day!
Last hole playing with Elizabeth K.
Day 2 - Both days, we did not start on time, you can tell by the crowds waiting by the first tee box.
With Day 2's partner - Reni.
Reni's Mom and Coach Lynn:
Final Scores for Foundation Boys and Girls. BIG congrats to Phillip who won his first NFJG Tournament - at age 6! Most of the players were closer to age 12. He is amazing!
AA improved her putting on the second day (still working with a new putter) and had much better fairway drives even though there was no rolls (the fairways were over seeded for the winter and the the Golf Pro said they were watering 4X as much - that made for over grown, spongy, wet, soggy fairways!). A fourth (last) place finish and a great experience to remember!
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