Friday, October 24, 2014

Saturday - Sunday - October 19th

The weekend began with me trying a new blue cheese dip which turned out way too STRONG for everyone. I liked the sharp tang, but no one else seemed to be able to tolerate it!

Practicing every day!
I also cooked a simple vegetarian spaghetti dish, which was acceptable:
We went to the RAM market on Saturday; we had not been there in months, so enjoyed the nice weather and bought some vegetables for the week. We also bought some gluten free baked goods. I had made a few gluten free sausage balls, but the taste was "off" and again, no one seemed to like the difference. So we had a nice pizza and salad at Moon River!
We went to the Orange Park Town Fall Festival and enjoyed some music and all the booths surrounding the park. We ran into Linda and John Reid (at Moon River too).
Live bees:
John off in the distance:
Sunday Golf Tournament at St. Johns Club (Elkton). We hired Ms. Maria as caddie so this allowed us to relax and watch AA from a difference perspective. AA was way off with her putting (a new putter), so that will be worked on in the coming week.
The award ceremony - another second place as an eight year old!
Maria and Jason before the start of the tournament:
Coach Jason with AA; below with Sammy, Kaitlin and AA:
Off to another week, more golfing next weekend with the NFJG Series at the King and Bear!

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