Monday, October 06, 2014

Miscellaneous - Last Week - Catching Up!

The end of swimming! With the Club pool being unheated, and the nights cooling down, it is hard to jump in the pool. Last few years I bought AA a wet suit, but not this year. We swam last week, and then she got in one more time this past Saturday (10/04/14). We also went to two parks and started AA bike riding again, it has been a long time and she hasn't mastered riding without training wheels (bad parents!). We had a quiet 4th for our 29th wedding anniversary, a good bottle of wine, home cooked dinner and a short visit to the River House!

Ford makes the "Rachel Ray" meatballs for our favorite spaghetti dinner meal!
I made more homemade lemon extract; should be ready for Christmas gifting:
AA still loves her Wii! She now has a Harry Potter Lego game, the Wii Resort along with the others she received for her birthday:
I have been researching some recipes that are "grain-free" and gluten free; which are two different things. I decided to do an easy recipe first - I made a batch of our favorite breakfast sausage balls with regular Bisquick and then a batch with the gluten free mix (very "gritty"). I didn't mind the difference, but Ford noticed the smell and taste right away. I need to try them out on an unsuspecting friend, as I think they are very close. I need to make my own mix of gluten free flour to try a few cupcake recipes next!
Not much to blog about, we are into the school year and golfing routine again!

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