Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall Tour- U.S. Kids Golf - 2nd at South Hampton

This was the second tournament in the Fall series. AA is just getting settled with the older group and longer distance, plus she is growing so each club distance is changing for her. Also, she used a putter that was changed that morning with new shaft and weights (the "Cure"); she didn't have anytime to practice with it so had to adjust during the tournament; we won't do that again! She placed second which is fine, but had two high-scoring holes (the other seven were great!). She hasn't had consistent lessons in a long time so we need to map out a golfing plan for her if she wants to go to the Worlds again next summer. Better game next time!
Ninth hole photos:

We welcomed a new girl; she plans to join us for the rest of the Tour.
Outside playing after the round:
AA's new Coach Jason came to the tournament to caddy for one of his students; Ms. Maria joined him so are hoping we can have her caddy someday for AA. We need to give AA a chance to see how she likes a caddie other than her Daddy!

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