Tuesday, September 09, 2014

U.S. Kids Golf Jacksonville Local Tour Championship!

09/07/2014 - Today is oldest son's birthday, so Happy Birthday to JK! We hope to see him soon to celebrate.
AA had an important golf game today and what a wet one! I did not have our good camera out on the course today as it POURED RAIN! Everyone was drenched, didn't matter if you had rain coats, ponchos, umbrellas, it just soaked everybody! Since the temperature was warm (in the mid-70's) we were not cold. But the damp and chill did set in when the wind picked up. About half-way through, the rain tapered off and by the ninth hole, we were actually semi-dry! These photos are from my iPhone: First Hole and the the Ninth Hole - I missed everyone's hand shake and hugs!

The last tournament of the Summer 2014 Series - AA finished first with SC very close behind in second place.
The Local Summer Tour Championship photo with AA the Champion!
Scores for today's local tournament (all were high due to the 8th Hole that the little ones could not carry over the water hazard in front of the green, partly due to the wet conditions, so everyone took a "ten" on that hole). AA would have had a 38 for the round and it was very difficult, so good job to AA!
While hanging out with the other families, we were able to speak to the Foundation Orlando Golf Academy Owner (a few of our golf-kids are coached there). We may decide to have a few workshops there since we have not settled on a new coach for AA. More news about that as it unfolds......

Once we got home (very late as we stayed to watch several of the other champions come in off the course and get their awards), another photo with her trophy:
All smiles!! Orlando Champion and Jacksonville Champion!
Notes from Facebook:
09/06/14 - Congratulations Alyzabeth on your great score (36) and win today. Have a fabulous day tomorrow at the finals. Missing you, Love Nana (Ann)
09/07/14 - From your Daddy:  fm - Orlando and Jacksonville summer tour championships. Proud? Yes. Expected? No. She worked hard for it. You earned it love-bug...

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