Thursday, September 25, 2014

U.S. Kids Golf - Fall 2014 - Eagle Harbor Golf Course

The first tournament of the Jacksonville local tour was held at Eagle Harbor (Fleming Island) and this was also AA's first time in the eight - nine (8-9) year old group and its longer distance. 
I was due at the Madison Youth Ranch that Sunday afternoon for meetings, FUMCH Board meetings on Monday-Tuesday, then the Ranch dedication on Tuesday (09/23/14). 
So proud that Ford remembered to take some photos! Justin and Kilee came to drive the golf cart and watch AA play. She didn't do quite as well as we hoped, but since there were only the two (Bryn and AA), she scored a second place finish with a 45.

Bryn and her Dad, Chad (above).
Receiving their medals from Director Forte:

After the game, all went to Taps; Kilee and AA played golf video games and air hockey. I was sorry to miss this tournament, glad that JK and Kilee came!

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