Monday, September 08, 2014

The Running Girls - Golfing Friends

09/06/2014 - These two have been golfing together for about one year now. They are so serious on the golf course, except for an occasional running to their balls after a long first drive. During tournaments, the player must walk the hole, no riding in golf carts; sometimes they get a moment to be goofy and shake off some energy!

After the award ceremony, the kids who have finished like to have some running/tag time. It helps after being very rigid on the course. AA and SC don't seem to say very much to each other (not sure if I have ever heard them talk!). They enjoy just running and let whatever happens happen!
Playing tag around the porch column:
All smiles:
Who knows what they are saying or thinking!
We love being around this family; a fun time to enjoy some kid time together and run off the stress of tournament play!

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Sallieanne said...

I love that kid!