Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Bragging! School and Reading!

AA came home from school today with a perfect score on her math test (4 pages!). The teacher called her out in the class and told all the students that AA was the only one who scored a perfect test! AA said that the teacher gave her more work to do (!!) while the teacher went over the answers to the test with the rest of the students! Great job AA!

As a follow up to AA reading the Bible given to her by Aunt Carolyn - It was originally published in 1922! It was new and reviewed in 1963 so is very old fashion but tells the Bible books and chapters more in a story form. She reads for 30 minutes every night and says she loves the stories. There is a question and answer study guide at the end, so we review the sections with her. We also had to explain to her the ten commandments - like the words covet and adultery! Eeeegads!
She's doing great, on page 443 of 568! Into the New Testament.

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