Saturday, September 06, 2014

Missouri - Part 4 - Daily Dose of AA

While traveling, we make frequent stops to buy gas, drinks and food, plus to stretch our legs. Rarely does a rest area go by that we don't stop if we have the time. When AA was little, we took her tricycle with us and let her ride around at each rest stop (see photos here).
Now, we run around the picnic area, make up races and sometimes practice our horse trotting and gallops! 
During our trip home from Missouri, we found a rest area that had some nice walking trails; we explored the hills, tried to identify each type of tree (we were stumped after pine tree and maple tree!). A great way to stretch our car weary bodies!

Found a tree that had brown flat seed pods, the seeds were quite small. Anyone know what type of tree (Georgia/Florida area)?
It was still a bit warm (in the 90's!) but loved getting outside even for just a few minutes.

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Kathy said...

Sounds like our travels and pit stops. May be a red bud tree? Congrats on some golf well played