Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday - Post Party! Part 1

We had a wonderful family and friends birthday party at the River House. The kids had fun with the Reptile Experience and most parents relaxed and enjoyed the show and/or the outdoors (when it wasn't raining). A few beers, lots of soda for the kids, delicious lunch food, the rainbow cake, chocolate sheet cake, lemon cupcakes.....all was great!

I baked Kool-aid berry cupcakes using the unsweetened Kool-aid packets. I think the best description of them was that they were tart, tasted like a sweet-tart! I will need to work on that recipe (tried it as next year I shall bake my own version of a rainbow cake and want to taste how Kool-aid was in a white cake mix). I did a bit of the "chalkboard" theme for signs including the menu on a pig shape:
The Reptile Experience setting up (Bob and Liz). No food eating during the show.
Adults lining the back wall, Kilee did jump in with the kids and enjoyed playing along:
Sweet Mattie looking on; front row too (with KP's daughter Ella):
Great looks on the kids:
AA whispering to Abigail..... they do that at the golf course too:
Aiden (in orange) is the golfing boy who had this same experience at his party last year; click here for the story:
AA playing with snakes!
Dylan petting the tame lizard:
RH Manager Kelly P. with Grand-Dylan, watching ball python snake! Our Grands love talking to Kelly at the bar - they are all best friends!
Above: Three golfing buddies in a row Bryn, Aiden and Phillip; Grand Kilee on the end. 
Below: Hannah and Joe (golfing family), Ryder, Jane and Dax - all school friends.
Below: From left - Grand-Mila (with little sister Avery due this week), Josie, Grand-Alivia next to Hannah. Samuel J. reaching out to get a closer look!
Part 2: Everyone gets to "experience" holding an alligator!


Briana's Mom said...

What a fantastic party! (Though I am shivering a bit thinking about touching all of those reptiles - LOL!)

Vivian M said...

Kerri would love this, me I would have to leave the house for the day. You guys are awesome parents!