Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daily Life - We Have the Life!

A little bit of life over the past weekend...... We are truly enjoying our life!
We had a quiet Sunday, with church and swimming at the pool. Really didn't do much except regular chores and keeping AA busy!
Fruit "kabobs" to make breakfast a little more fun:

09/15/14 - We went to a new restaurant on Monday; Ford and I run errands on Mondays and usually enjoy lunch together. The Maple Street Biscuit Company (Est. 2012) just opened in the Westside/Murray Hill area (right across the street from our favorite Pizza place - Moon River, Edgewood Ave.). We enjoyed tasting two of their biscuit sandwiches - the BLT (looked small but was very filling!) and the "Five". Both delicious! It is counter service, order, then choose a table. Very short wait. Great flavorful food. We will head back sometime with AA.
Chelsea greeted us, kept things moving and presented us with a free dessert of a cinnamon biscuit. Free! (normally $2). Lively, open, clean restaurant.
Then we saw a pheasant in our condo complex. We later found out that a home up the road keeps them and 28 escaped! He had 32! In a residential area! We were surprised; not sure if any were caught. In the first photo, the bird is in the center of the picture, on the grass, near the sidewalk on the left:
The bird is behind the bush:
We were so happy to find a very knowledgeable young man at a store called GameStop when buying AA's birthday gift (sell new and used games). It was a used set and we feel that it was a perfect choice since a new version is out (they are compatible with the newer equipment). Not saying what it is yet, just in case AA reads the blog! Not much else for news!

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