Friday, September 19, 2014

Birthday Pre-Acitivites! Building the Excitement to Eight Years Old!

The day before her birthday, we set up the Wii game system as that was AA's requested present. We found refurbished ones at GameStop; so the deal was much better than we thought. We almost didn't buy it but when we saw the used prices; it was to be her wish!! After testing it, we left it all ready to go but slightly hid it behind our TV. If she didn't notice it, we were going to wait until morning, but of course, eagle eye AA spotted it! Her big smiles!

She loves the golf game!
I spent the day baking a chocolate sheet cake and triple lemon cupcakes. Then I thought about baking something fun, so tried Kool-Aid "Berry" flavor cupcakes. I used the cupcake papers that do not need a cupcake pan. My Mom or sister bought them for me to try. It worked great, except I didn't put enough batter in the cups. They were called "petite" so didn't want to over fill them. With the Kool-Aid flavored frosting, they are strong, tart, but good!  (photos are without the frosting - that will be done in the morning).
Triple Lemon Cupcakes (lemon juice, lemon extract and lemon zest):
Nana's Joy's chocolate sheet cake. Last year I made the same recipe into cupcakes:
Lemon cupcake batter:
AA had homework last night, to write four lines. She wrote this story:
Presents waiting for her birthday!
Happy Birthday to all our kids celebrating with us tomorrow - Leaa, Justin, Nicole and AA!

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