Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bible Reading Time

AA won't go to church Sunday School. She won't join any group at church. She will only sit with us in the pew during service.
We hadn't decided what to do to have her keep up with Christian teachings (she went to a Christian day school from age 3 - 5; for three years). She has read and studied her child's Bible (very simple, basic). She also read a "story" type Bible for children too.
Aunt Carolyn came last weekend and gifted AA with a Youth Bible that is interpreted with stories. This book is 568 pages long and she is already on page 164 in three days! We discuss some of the stories but in only three days, haven't had the time. There are study questions at the end, so will use those to review her understanding. So sweet to see her interested, now we have lots more to talk about during bedtime prayers.

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