Sunday, September 14, 2014

AA's Golf Evaluation with Foundation Golf Academy

09/13/14 - Alyzabeth had a first lesson with Coach Jason (Facebook page) along with Maria Castellucci Weber. Jason had her hit almost every club at the driving range and on the chipping area. We received great feedback and three changes to work on with her. Can't wait to have such a strong coach with AA (hopefully once or twice a month due to the long drive).

Explaining /reminding her about her stance:
Fun contest against Jason (one handed and with one of her clubs!); AA had fun, even saw her finally break out a few smiles!
It was worth the drive to have this two hour lesson (we did melt in the hot sun!).
Next, we drove to Leaa's home to visit with Jesse and Justin. Good seeing the kids as it has been such a busy summer, we haven't had a family gathering in quite a while (the two Grands were overnight with their Mimi).

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