Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Grand-Baby in the Family!

Baby Avery Mae arrived a little after 9 a.m. today (Tuesday, 09/30/2014) - just making it in as another September baby in our family! Proud Daddy holding baby this morning:

We stopped by for an early evening visit on the 30th:
Avery's first cousins Livi and Dylan:
Nicole was resting in her delivery bed; still trying to shake off the effects of the epidural, but otherwise doing well. The birth was fast; she was admitted at 2:00 a.m. and seven hours later....
Their baby girl No. 1 Mila was with her Grandparents (Jordan's family) and were to arrive a little later, so did not see how Mila liked her new little sister (photo below from Leaa). 

Congratulations to Nicole and Jordan! Baby Girl No. 2 is here!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Life in a Few Days.....

We had a nice week: I was at the Children's Home Madison Youth Ranch from Sunday (the 21st) until Tuesday. Ford held down the home-front with AA's school, homework and golf practices. After I worked a couple of days, I came home to a Pumpkin Cake that was yummy (if a little too sweet for me). The topping was almost caramelized brown sugar with nuts and the pumpkin filling was close to pumpkin pie filling (which I LOVE!). On Friday, we took most of it to the River House and to eat during our visit there with Kenny and Pam (they brought pizzas for our munching pleasure!). It has been slightly cooler, with some rain, so almost beginning to feel like "fall" here (not really, it is still hot!).

Friday afternoon I went with Caddie Daddy and AA to Eagle Harbor and played the back nine.
Then Saturday, it was the drive to AA's golf lesson with Jason Voigts. She worked on her drives and putts today. She likes the way he makes a fun competition with her; lightens up the seriousness of the lesson. The Chao's arrived for K.'s lesson, so AA played with Sammy for about 30 minutes.
We love the "hand-me-down" clothes from the Chao family; here is a white festive dress that AA will wear this holiday season (plus one other frilly dress, that will be great for Christmas parties).
Driving back from Orlando, we went to Leaa and Jesse's for some visiting time. The girls played for awhile, ate the BBQ we brought from the PitMasters (near Deland), and adults got to chat. Leaa presented AA with her birthday gift, so nice, a bracelet with a Harry Potter quote about the Marauder's Map: "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good". AA loves the whole HP series of books and movies.
And a Happy Birthday to daughter Leaa! We had the girls make her an ice cream sandwich cake, so she will have that to help celebrate her day!
I need to take pictures of the their back yard deck and tree house that Jesse is building (with a little help from Justin and friends). It will be a really fun hang-out for the kids. Next time.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

U.S. Kids Golf - Fall 2014 - Eagle Harbor Golf Course

The first tournament of the Jacksonville local tour was held at Eagle Harbor (Fleming Island) and this was also AA's first time in the eight - nine (8-9) year old group and its longer distance. 
I was due at the Madison Youth Ranch that Sunday afternoon for meetings, FUMCH Board meetings on Monday-Tuesday, then the Ranch dedication on Tuesday (09/23/14). 
So proud that Ford remembered to take some photos! Justin and Kilee came to drive the golf cart and watch AA play. She didn't do quite as well as we hoped, but since there were only the two (Bryn and AA), she scored a second place finish with a 45.

Bryn and her Dad, Chad (above).
Receiving their medals from Director Forte:

After the game, all went to Taps; Kilee and AA played golf video games and air hockey. I was sorry to miss this tournament, glad that JK and Kilee came!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014 Birthday Party - Part 3 The End!

After all the food eating and reptile entertainment, we sang happy birthday (after much effort to keep a few candles lit!). A few pictures from the end of the party. Three cuties:

AA with best school friend Samuel:
Trying to get the candles to light!
The ending fun! Eating rainbow cake, lemon cupcakes, chocolate sheet cake and Kool-Aid Berry cupcakes!
Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the fun! Thank you to all who gave AA cards and gifts - wonderful fun for her with so many new games and toys!
 After reviewing all the photos, I don't think we got everyone in one (like Nicole and Carolyn). I wish I had gathered up the five "kids" and taken a picture too. Opportunity missed! Until September 2015......

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday - More Reptiles! Part 2

AA's Birthday Invitation (chalkboard theme):

More party photos of the guests (below Jordan with daughter Mila):
Josie and Alivia sharing a chair during the show:
Above: Phillip D. and Grand-Kilee. Below: Golfing friend Bryn S.
The Johnson's with Jean C. to the left.
Mila and new friend Ella:
Adults and kids backed up a little when the big Komoto Dragon came out!
Each child took away a photo of themselves holding an alligator:
Golfing friend Joe F.:
School friend Jane W.:
Golfing friend Bryn:
Golfing friend Phillip D.:
River House Manager Kelly's daughter Ella:
Palatka friend Josie (came with her two brothers, oldest below):
Part 3 will be more photos of kids!