Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Souvenir Pins from Kids Worlds

We read about the exchanging of pins at the U.S. Kids Golf Worlds, so purchased some ready made Florida UF Gator pins. AA wore a UF Gator football jersey at the World's parade Tuesday evening. Only a few of the girls we were with embraced this tradition, so we gave out our Gator pins to anyone we ran into. Several of the South Florida girls had custom pins with their names on the pin and one family gave out custom small polo shirts from the Mom's business. Very cool! At the parade, the country mini-flags were most popular (the Dunham's scored with the mini-USA flags) and we had a little boy at our hotel give us the Canadian flag.

Her Daddy (Hubby FM) bought the U.S. Kids Flag to pin them on; a great souvenir.
Can't wait for the World's next year!

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