Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second Grade - First Day of School - OPE

Wow, summer break is over! We really wanted a few more weeks!
Overall, a big day for kids here! AA was ready and excited to get in line at her new classroom a little early; she chatted with old friends, as half the class are from either her WonderWorks pre-school or from her last two years at OPE. We tried a selfie in the car and then slowly walked to her new "portable" classroom.

New clothes and new L.L. Bean backpack:
We chatted with the Johnson's and Smiley's; a fun time for parents (if their kid is not crying!). Hugs all around!
Outside the classroom on Monday (08/11/14) at the meet the Teacher session:
We bought some peach preserves when driving through Georgia a few weeks ago, so thought a jar might please the new teacher:
Happy First Day of School!


Jboo said...

Happy 2nd grade AA! You're going to be awesome!

Vivian M said...

Happy first week of school! AA is looking so grown up in these photos. (Sniff). ;)