Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remembering those Special Days!

I haven't blogged about our referral day since 2010; now six years from the date that we first saw her photo at the CCAI Office in Orlando. We knew CCAI had received the referral packets from China on 08/08/2008 (opening day of the Chinese hosted summer Olympics); then having to wait until Monday for the translation, then deciding to go in person rather than taking the information over the phone. Then the flat tire, the excitement. Took homebaked cheesecakes, champagne..... It was wonderful! Finally, after then, a three year wait, which seemed like forever back then. She's here, she's been our forever daughter for almost six years (Forever Family Day anniversary is 09/16/2008)!

Today is also the first day of school for AA, so photos to come later!

From Blog Post 2010:
The referrals came the day before. The "Wait" had finally came to an end.
On this date two years ago we saw your face for the first time. Your mother caught her breath as tears welled in her eyes and ever so gently made their way down her cheeks.
I still remember thinking how beautiful. The both of you.......

Imagine Alyzabeth An... It's Easy If You Try.
And that we did and the dream became our Forever blessing.
We love you AA.
mom & dad.

From Blog Post in August 2009 - the one year Anniversary! And if you really want to read the details of that day in 2008, there's a whole month of posts in August 2008. Love remembering such a happy day!


dawn said...

So hard to believe it has been so long. When you posted her photo I remember thinking that AA had one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen. And most certainly the prettiest referral photo.

Happy referral day.

ChouchouPoussin said...

i remember her cute face and her beautiful hairs.
in august 2008...we meet our daughter in october 2008 in Nanjing.
Happy anniversary !
best regards from France

Vivian M said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!!