Monday, August 04, 2014

Pinehurst - U.S. Kids Worlds - Last Day - Best Day!

Wrapping up the golf matches: I have almost no photos from the second day match: it rained so much I could not take out the camera. AA's scores were barely average, not good for the first two days, so was happy when her game came back in good form on the third day. Since it is a public tournament, with names and results all over the U.S. Kids website and Facebook, I will list their names here for our memories: Round 1:
Briarcliff Manor, NY - UNITED STATES
Villahermosa, TAB - MEXICO
Round 2:
Trinity BETH
Calvert city, KY - UNITED STATES
Briarcliff Manor, NY - UNITED STATES

The third day/match started off very wet again; lots of rain! We enjoyed playing with the Hall's, their two girls were delightful and made my nine hole walk interesting and pleasant. Round 3:
 Cammy REED
Fairview Park, OH - UNITED STATES
 Alana HALL
Owings Mills, MD - UNITED STATES

We have written a separate sheet on some memories that can't be shared; lessons learned and some aggravations. If you are involved in any kids sports, you know there are parents that will do anything to make their kid look and play better, no matter what it takes to get them there. Enough said!

Last hole - #9:
Mr. Hall was very nice and complimentary to AA:
She did her best this day with a 40. She was 38 until the last hole, expected a bogey but then her putt lipped the cup; so a double bogey.

The Award Ceremony began at 8:40 p.m. (a bit late for us!):
Bagpipe music to open the ceremony:
Good Golfing friends, the Dunham's son won first place - World's best! Very exciting; he is an amazing golfer!
We stayed to see the Girls 7 and under group; then left to jump in bed! A great week overall and time to move on!
Off to see the Tennessee Read's!

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