Monday, August 18, 2014

PGA Drive Chip Putt - Sub-Regionals

We were very pleased with AA's effort at the Drive, Chip and Putt (PGA) Competition. Her score of 93 improved over the score she had in the local win. We stayed at the Reunion Resort in F Building near the Tennis Courts, it was a wonderful place, wish we could have stayed longer!
We arrived early as she was in the first group at 8:00 a.m.

Waiting to start with the Drive competition:
AA did well with her three drives (just around 100 yards each drive):
Chipping was pretty good; good enough to place second in this category overall:
Putting is usually her best, but only scored one point on the third putt; as AA said, the greens got faster and it kept rolling!
AA with her second place in the chipping:
AA with her third place overall with a score of 93:
We have always said that Florida is one of the toughest States to compete in golf. To give you some comparisons, at the 2014 sub-regionals, she would have won in Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina; would have been second in Texas; would have tied for second in California; those are tough States (most of the Southern States and California where one can practice year-round). If we had signed up for the other Florida sub-regional, she would have placed first.
Also, she would have placed first in the New England sub-regions (the winner scored a 67) - which is all the States combined! We will look into the rules, but it seems sad that AA is missing out on the next step when some girls are going to the regionals with scores in the 50's - 70's and we missed with a 93! These are identical competitions with scoring of nine balls from the exact same distances.

Back at home with her two medals:
Goofy smiles.......
Maybe we will try again next year!
Back to our drive to Reunion for this event, we decided to stay at the resort and enjoyed a large villa that overlooked one of the courses. A beautiful place just like a condo. It was dusk, so these are a few photos taken on the iPad:
 Hope we can go back someday and enjoy all the amenities!

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