Monday, August 25, 2014

Jacksonville U. S.Kids Summer Tour Continues - Cimarrone Golf (St. Johns County) and EAGLE!

08/24/14 Sunday - I have so many photos of "golfing" that I rarely take any photos until the last hole, the hand shakes and the award ceremony. 
AA did make her second eagle, this time (she has made two during unofficial rounds of golf, so she is up to four!) on the fourth hole (#4). So exciting as she had a double bogey on the previous hole. Her playing is very inconsistent right now as the distance she is hitting with her irons is getting longer, so her Caddie and her are having to change club strategy. What used to be perfect as a second or third shot to get to the green, now sometimes sails over the green. All part of learning this fun game (and growing up)!
The ninth hole was a par three:

The flag is straight out, a very breezy day which helped with the hot day (a cloudy front was moving in, hoping the temperature will drop to the mid-80's tomorrow).
AA played with Sammy and Olivia today:
First Place!!
Two more tournaments to end the Summer Tour!

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