Saturday, August 16, 2014

Can You Believe it has Been Nine Years?

Wondering where the time has flown by!
My sweet Hubby researched all about blogs back in July-August 2005 and created our blog in August. I don't remember the exact date but we did recreate some posts about the beginning of our adoption journey from May 2005 until we started the blog. We changed over to WordPress for less than a year then came back to Blogger.
On this current blog we have 2200+ posts plus 334 from our prior blog and 53 posts from our 100 Wishes Quilt blog. We will never have an exact number since we did duplicate (copy) some of the posts from the WordPress site.
Our highest year for blog posts was 2008 with 327; not surprising that was our referral year and Forever Family (Gotcha) Day in China! We had two 2008 months with 32 posts each, and two months tied with 34 posts: December of 2009 and December 2007.
We had a high of over 12,000 page views per month to our current of less than 3,000 a month.
Also, our lowest month of posts was a December 2011 and April 2012 (that's when I began my writers slump that lasted on and off for about 6 months), AND partly due to the continuing expansion and ease of use of Facebook!
I keep up the blog instead of a family photo album or scrapbook. Each year I make it into a book at ShareBook - Blog2Print.This seems to work best for me, so onward I continue!

How long have you been blogging? Or have you moved completely to Facebook?

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Jboo said...

Love that you are blogging and I am too. FB is ok, but in my book, blogging is so much better! So happy to have found you all -- back before your referral, so I have been a long-time reader! Happy blogging!!