Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bowling - Annual Event

We love to bowl but don't go very often due to the large, heavy bowling balls. I wrote about bowling last year here; describing the candle-pin bowling I was used when growing up in Maine.
It is always hot, very hot when school starts so one afternoon, we went (with Daddy too) and enjoyed a cool hour of fun. AA had the lightest ball of six pounds.  It was still too heavy for her, but she wanted to manage.
The fun stopped when I paid the bill - over $30+ for six strings (three people, two games each). Plus we bought sodas which was another $10+. Now, I know why families don't bowl anymore!

AA didn't use the bowling ball slide so we had her in a separate lane with the bumpers up.
Daddy bowls very well and beat us both games!
The least expensive item was the 50 cents to win a stuffed giraffe for AA! She loves her stuffed animals!
Nibbles the Giraffe getting to know new friends on AA's bed:
Maybe this will be an annual event; then again, maybe not!

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dawn said...

we did candle pin bowling on one of our many trips to massachuseets with the girls. WHy have you not joined the Kids Bowl Free summer program. Next year I'll be sure to send you all the info, well you can google it, it will be faster.