Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pinehurst - The Beginning of the US Kids Worlds Golf Competition

07/28/14 - We arrived in Pinehurst! We spent last night checking out the surroundings and had dinner at the Brixx, great little pizza place.

 And our hotel has a small putting green!
 07/29/14 - Tuesday - What a wonderful experience for a first day. AA registered and received a "goody" bag compliments of US Kids, Pinehurst and Honda (sponsor).
Many statues of significant Pinehurst golfers; many of Donald Ross:
The famous Payne Stewart Statue:

I really like this creed:
AA, outstanding in her field!
Practice round at Midland Golf Course:
Lots of signs throughout the Pinehurst Village welcoming the US Kids:
We ate a very late lunch/early dinner at Dugan's Pub - delicious fish and chips, beef stew and we liked the salmon appetizer.
More shops, more welcome signs:
Florida girls:
The crowd around the USA flag:
"Famous" Texas Star in the "Short Game" movie:
Our Florida local gang:
The parade:
Another famous golfer from the movie the Short Game; giving his best friend a "high five":
The parade; AA really enjoyed; we did comment though, how many fire trucks does this Town own!!
 AA's best friend, usually at each of the golf courses with her brother, Phillip:
A great day; looking forward to four more here!

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