Saturday, July 26, 2014

North Florida Junior Golf Tournaments (NFJG) - Timuquana

Alyzabeth played with the Foundation Girls (ages 10 - 13) at the Timuquana Golf Course on Monday, July 21st. A hot day with some heavy showers to cool us off; but no lightning so we all pushed through (I walked the nine holes as the spectator and go-fer!)! AA finished tied for fifth place, a good day overall. Met some JEA families - the Whiting's and Roche's.
B. Whiting leaving the first tee:

The Club (on the St. Johns River):
Long course from the Ladies Tees; AA scored 8's on the Par Five holes; she's not used to playing 300 - 400 yard holes!
Beautiful trees throughout the course:
Last Hole (18th - they played the back nine):
Scoring table: Always remember to verify scores, this time one of them tried to change AA's last hole score (don't even go there with me on that one!). The Caddie's always check at the end of each hole the scores so there is no question at the end of the nine holes. Reminder to make sure the actual players participate and acknowledge the scores at each hole, too.
The top three girls! Love our Tori - she plays on the U.S. Kids Tours too:
The youngest child (6 years old) in this group (Boys Foundation) is P. He placed 3rd; what a great accomplishment!
Now, a break until the Kids Worlds!

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