Friday, July 18, 2014

Maine Visit - Family and Vacation! Part 1

We have been home for over a week, I am SO behind in blogging. Since being home AA has played in four golf tournaments and we are off to three more this weekend. I went back to work and we are all is still on vacation time (very disorganized!).
So here's a quick view of our trip home to see family! The weather was beautiful plus a few really hot days. We ate lobster, starting with Becky's for our first meal. Lots of time on the lake and relaxing, plus a visit to Auntie Jean's new home and a trip to the Gray Wildlife Farm. One big family gathering on Saturday the 5th turned out a bit wet but the day got better each hour. The kids enjoyed the lake!

Lots of time with Nana!
Lake time, the best time!
Sister Terri did a few acrobats off the float:
Our favorite sub-sandwich - Italian's!
Mom's sea-doo got a work out!
Little nephew Anthony:
Nephew Brandon:
Niece-in-law Britney:
Enjoying the lake!
Horse riding lesson:
Slow cooking pork for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches:
Lobster rolls!!
Cousins George and Jim:
More in Part 2!

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