Monday, July 21, 2014

Golfing, Golfing and More Golfing!

After arriving home from Maine, we drove to Orlando for two tournaments: Saturday's at Orange Tree (Private) and Sunday's was at Lake Buena Vista (a Disney Golf Course).
This is at Orange Tree Golf Course:

All Florida summer days are VERY HOT!
SC won by one stroke; AA awarded second place:
Sunday's U.S. Kids Orlando Tournament (07/13/14):
 First Place - Only Girl in the 7-Under Group:
AA with the 8 - 9 Year Old Girls Group:
The two-day (07/14/14) North Florida Junior Golf Tournament was held at the Slammer and Squire - World Golf Village. AA's drives were a little weak; we were all a bit tired!

AA enjoyed playing with the Foundation Boys on Monday, then the Girls on Tuesday. Being the only Foundation Girl, she was awarded the first place trophy!
Now off to a Saturday (07/19/14) Orlando Local U.S. Kids Tournament, a Jacksonville Sunday Tournament, then a one-day NFJG Tournament on Monday! Busy!

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