Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Florida State U.S. Kids Tournament

This is the second year that AA was entered (qualified) in the U.S. Kids Florida State Invitational Tournament. The Disney Oak Trail course is fun and only has one water carry hole (#6). She did not do well on that hole in Round 1 (her score showed it!) but mastered it during Round 2 with a BIRDIE! (we love to tweet, tweet)!
Overall, it was just too hot for these kids to be outside walking (and for the old parents too!) for several hours each day. 97 degrees and humid. Keeping seven year old's focused, hydrated and energized about the game is a challenge. AA faded near the end of the first round on Saturday but returned to form on Sunday with a score of 38. Her 18-hole tournament score was 79. She placed 6th (5th overall for Girls 7 & under in Florida).

Dueling strides...... walking the fairway under the brutal heat:
Lots of wild turkeys, someone must feed them well; they were at the putting green, in the parking lot, at this hole #3!
Waiting. The worst part of playing golf is when you have to wait. We will not describe what happened on Sunday, but let's say that several caddies registered a formal complaint about the group in front of us (for lack of respect in following golf etiquette and rules).
More waiting.
Ninth hole! Yeah! A great finish for Round 2.
Congratulations and shaking hands all around.
2nd round score of 38:
Three of the eleven girls:
Round 1 scores above. Congrats to friend Bella for a third place overall!
Caddie and Daughter photos - professionally produced; every one can buy their set:
A great time, next up is the pinnacle, The U.S. Kids Worlds in Pinehurst!

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