Thursday, July 03, 2014

Family and Food!

Hubby cooks most of the time (okay, all the time), and he tried a recipe that was going viral on Facebook called one pot pasta. It was delicious. You just have to know it is not a heavy tomato sauce, very light. We did enjoy it.
He also made a one pan dinner in the oven a few weeks ago with bacon wrapped chicken. This time he used pork chops which did NOT tun out tender pork meat. Back to the the original recipe, stick with chicken!

One pan dinner with pork chops, uncooked:
Finished cooking:
Hubby and AA visited with his sister Mia and her Dad Lester (my FIL) on Thursday (26th); they drove to St. Augustine and enjoyed the day visiting with our "growns" Leaa and Justin.
AA with her Aunt Mia:
Another great week! We headed to Orlando the next day (27th) for AA's Florida State Tournament (already posted yesterday on that topic).

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