Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Ending Sunday June 22nd

Our weekend began with a Friday swim-date with the F. family. We then showered and headed to the River House to meet up with Kenny and Pam D. and their neighborhood friends, Ralph and Sandy B. (Ralph is a UMO graduate, was the one who took these incredible photos of AA). Ralph and Sandy told us of a Palace first floor condo they were considering to buy and we brought a box of die-cast Ricky Craven NASCAR stuff for their son, who is a Jeff Gordon fan (believe me there is a connection). Pam brought pizza and we enjoyed hanging out until the hour when all good kid(s) must leave the RH!
Saturday (21st): We decided to take AA to breakfast at Metro Diner; we have gone a few times during the week but never taken AA as she was always in school. On the way, as Ford was describing why we like the restaurant, they only are open for breakfast and lunch and the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, came to the Metro Diner. AA knows the Food channel show, so Ford added as a quip, "....and they came and didn't invite me!" AA quickly responded "That's odd". We busted a gut!
I ordered one of the daily specials of raspberry cheesecake crepes - just unbelievable! Not too sweet like a dessert, but velvety lusciousness! AA and her Daddy were sharing the salt and pepper and she looked over at my crepes breakfast and said to her Daddy "Guess Mom doesn't need the salt and pepper!" AA says many funny things but we forget to write them down!

We did some shopping at Target, then headed home. AA has become addicted to the game Monopoly, so we played a long game together. I beat her for the first time; she wasn't very happy!
Sunday (22nd): Golf tournament at South Hampton, tee time was 1:49 p.m. About 1:30 p.m. the first horn blew; a few rain (lightning storm) delays later, it was postponed with a date to be announced.
We received some sad news Sunday morning, that Leaa and Justin's Uncle Bill B. passed during the night (Ford's "ex" brother-in-law). Ford was hoping to go when the time came, but as it turns out, he has decided not to make the trip. I have to be out of town at the Children's Home Board meeting on Monday and Tuesday, AA has a NFJG Tournament tomorrow (Monday) and if Ford left, I would have to take three days off from work. Or if we all went, I would be excused from the Board meetings and work, and AA would miss a tournament. Thankfully, the grown kids are going along with their Mom and step-Dad, plus another Florida Aunt. Still, I know Hubby is feeling bad about not going. Bill was a wonderful man, and knowing his wife, both are/were so friendly to us and AA, and his son who is stationed here in Jacksonville; we know he will be so missed.
This coming week will be busy with the above mentioned activities, plus Ford's sister Mia and her Dad are in Orlando for the week and the Florida State U.S. Kids Golf Championship Tournament begins this Friday.

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