Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Rock is GONE!

On our way into "camp", along the right side, in a very sharp bend in the road, there WAS a very large rock that became the natural billboard for our side of Little Sebago Lake (Upper - Northwest). The Egypt Road rock always had a new message on it, painted usually somewhat secretively in my early years, and more openly as more residents came and that meant more birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and "Welcome Home" signs. We knew people painted on the "rock" when we were children, so will have to ask my Mom if people did that back when she and Dad were dating (early 50's) and building their summer camp (now our year-round home since 1986).
As my sister was driving home last week, saw that the rock was almost gone. Of course, she began the Facebook and emails messages to find out why it was removed. Later, we saw more postings about how the DOT had to remove it for the road widening project. The second photo, she found in a news story. The last photo is from my sister's collection, most recent time our family painted the rock (2013)! There is one last rock that we all love to look at, it is the one in the middle of our upper lake, next to the "big island". It used to be that we had free access to the island and rock, but the property changed hands and now I think they only let boaters anchor near the rock and you can swim over to it and jump from it. No more having fun on the island. Life changes and this is just one more that we thought would always be there.
Gray, Maine will never be the same without the Egypt Road rock!

My grand-nephew's birthday:
Gone, gone, gone!

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