Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pool Time with the Forte's!

06/20/2014: Friday Greetings! We are enjoying summertime especially when the Forte's come swim with us. AA knows them well as Hannah and Joe golf with her in the U.S. Kids local tour. It has been a year since they came to our Club pool for a swim play-date (how does time fly by so quickly?)..

Mattie with her water wings on, but quickly shed them and was being as brave as the older kids.
Lunch was from the Cabana, glad they were open!
After lunch the four kids were lining up and jumping, even Mattie (with her wings back on). Ford went in with them right after lunch, so the Mom's caught a break!
Golfing buddies in the "seven and under girls" group:
I tried to get a nice group photo but one of them kept falling in. Here's Hannah - oops, where did she go!
It is a scorching hot Florida summer as usual!

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