Sunday, June 15, 2014

NFJGF - Dr. Gordon Ira Tournament - Hyde Park (Happy Father's Day!)

We entered AA in the NFJG tournaments after talking with the Director Jack at The Players (remember the story from May 6th). We had been contemplating it for awhile since several of the kids on the U.S. Kids Golf tour compete. The Foundation Girls (under age 12) play from the ladies red tees; a HUGE change for AA and more than doubles the distance she is used to playing. The two day event (the 11th and 12th) went well. Ford said it was the best, well run tournament mainly due to the Hyde Park Men's Association who came out in force to monitor each hole, hand out water and cart the kids between holes and several NFJG officials. Also, there was a "rules"  official by each hole.
They had a slight rain delay on the first day (just as I arrived from work to watch her for a hole or two). The second day I missed entirely due to work meetings, but AA said she had a great time and would love to play with this group again! Ford said he couldn't be prouder of her first tournament from the red tees and she played some amazing shots.
AA eating lunch on the first day during the rain delay:

AA placed in second and received a nice medal.
Happy Father's Day gift to Ford! AA won the full size putter and will hand it over as a gift to her Daddy (it is too nice to have cut down to her size; she doesn't need a new putter right now).
Happy Father's Day to all our family and friends! Enjoy your day!

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