Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a quiet Memorial Day Weekend; I think we were exhausted from many golfing trips. Just enjoyed a chance to catch up on errands, cleaning and a little relaxing! We enjoyed a Friday evening invitation to Green Cove Springs friends to see all the photos Ralph took of AA's last tournament. We met their son who is a champion Clay High School swimmer. They even wined and dined us; we enjoyed their pool and the puppy dogs! I stole Sandy's black bean/mango salsa recipe and made it the next day. Their beautiful pool:

We spent time at our Club pool and with the Cabana open, enjoyed burgers too!
Making the salsa - it was DELICIOUS!
AA using a sharp knife, practicing and helping cut up the mangoes:
Practicing golf:
The Golf Cart driver:
Visiting the Nichol's grave every year:

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