Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last Day of First Grade!

June 4, 2014. Last day being a first grader at OPE! Hubby dressed her in one of her sporty/golfing outfits since they were golfing right after school. She had only a half day and came home with all those "end of year" papers and a reading award. Mrs. Woods describes AA as one who she never has to worry about ruining/breaking/losing her supplies, she is patient with other more "rambunctious" kids, she finishes her work first, is an enthusiastic listener, is a leader in group projects, "She is the ideal student" and "It has truly been a pleasure having AA in my class this year!". Yeah!

After school, being greeted by her Daddy:
 First grade notebooks and certificates:
 She placed the highest in reading achievement!
 Love the creative awards Mrs. Woods gave out:
 Art works:
This one looks like it was done for a display or exhibit (a dandelion):
 All good grades, all "mastered" the subject and outstanding for all her Extended Studies class (ES):
Next is second grade!

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Jboo said...

Congrats AA! What a great little student and golfer! :) Have a fun summer!