Saturday, June 07, 2014

Jacksonville U.S. Kids Summer Tour - Fernandina Beach and First Timer Hannah!

June 1st - This was the first tournament for the Jacksonville Summer Tour and so far, only two girls in the seven and under group are enrolled. The weather was VERY memorable, rain and rain and wind and more wind! We saw the forecast, but so typical for a Florida summer afternoon, didn't think it would be any different. It was extremely windy and rained on and off all day. No thunder, no lighting, so everyone played! Hannah's brother Joesph tried his hand at being the caddie along with Hubby's assistance occasionally, he did a great job! The first few photos are before the tournament began; at Hole No. 1:

Hole No. 1!!
One of AA's swings:
A great putt by Hannah:
Joe was so good, selecting clubs and keeping up with her golf bag, a true caddie!
Hubby goofing around; Hannah needed "smile encouragement" a few times as she was hard on herself when she missed a swing; funny Hubby usually can get them laughing:
Very soggy girls at the scoring table:
Waiting for Hannah's Daddy to hand out the medals!
All smiles!
We look forward to golfing with this sweetie all summer!

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