Saturday, June 14, 2014

Golf Club Set - For Hubby

Sweet Hubby is a bargain shopper. I think we have written about the very inexpensive prices we have paid for many household goods and kids toys, most all from Craig's List.You can find bargains for gently used items like gas grills, camera lens, Barbie electric car, AA's golf set, the golf swing box, bouncy houses, commercial grade popcorn popper, bikes, the list goes on and on. So we don't golf much (because we are pretty bad, so that translates into golfing even less). However, with us on the course daily with AA, we would like to play again/more often. Hubby's set of clubs were never a real set, many old clubs and odds/ends he acquired over 30 years. Yep, very old set. He purchased a set of used Big Bertha Gold series Callaway's this past week. Unbelievable price of $90. The bag is in good shape and the clubs still have many swings left in them. The best clubs he has owned!


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