Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disney Oak Trail - Fun Round with Daddy (And Postponed Magnolia Tournament)

06/13/2014: We drove a day early for the next Orlando U.S. Kids Golf Tournament just to get in a practice round; spend one night and then play the Tournament at Disney Magnolia course. AA and her Daddy had fun walking the Disney Oak Trail course with me tagging along. The heavy afternoon rain had stopped, but the course was a bit soaked! All and all, a fun round with her Daddy actually playing with his new set of Big Bertha Gold Callaway's and the putter AA won at the NFJG Tournament!

Dueling golf bag carts!
Temporary lakes all around us!
After the round, a goofy (or is that Mickey Mouse) pose:
06/14/2014: Then the next day, there were two rain delays (thunder and lightning) and finally the tournament was cancelled/postponed. Hopefully, it will be scheduled for next Saturday. The kids have fun with all their electronics and crowd around the "older kid" - this time Miss Abigail; she's very sharing and patient with the kids!
It is definitely summer in Florida with the heavy afternoon showers!

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