Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adoption Agency CCAI - 11,000 Adoptions Celebration!

We received an email from CCAI asking for photos of our children with a sign showing "11,000" for their celebration of reaching 11,000 adoptions. We saw many photos appearing on the CCAI Facebook page and the creativity! Most created the 11,000 "sign" with Lego's, shoes, hand signs, etc. 
So, I had to think of what would be fun for AA. I think the golf clubs and balls made a nice alternative. Poor AA had the sun in her eyes, but I cleaned up three of them hopefully with her eyes open and then sent one to CCAI. The others were good shots but I cut of the last zero in some of the photos. 
Congratulations to CCAI - Lily and Josh, for their wonderful service to children; placing orphans with families who could not be any happier and blessed!

Good, but didn't make the cut:
The towel she is sitting on is the golf cart seat cover; we love it as it keeps the sticky, hot vinyl seat cool and can double for a towel when needed. To see more happy families, go to the CCAI website here.

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